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X_DCracker_X – Awarded for Best Social Awareness Film

Updated: Jul 29, 2019

A group of young people attend St Margaret College Boys’ Secondary school have been awarded the Best Social Award presented during the 4th National Secondary Short film festival organised by the Malta Cine-Circle. The student were involved in all the process of the project. Together with the youth worker they decided to do a drama film based on the impact that social media is having on young people. The first step involved writing the script. In all fairness this was the toughest part of the project. The young people were meeting during the break and after school to complete the script. Each participants had a specific role, that is director, camera person, editors and of course acting.

The story is about a young person who is introvert and does not really communicate with others but through Facebook. At school he is struggling because a group of students constantly pick up on him. He decides that the best way to react is to post a nasty comment of a social site and keeps himself anonymous. This triggers a fight which does not really end well. For those who are curious we welcome you to press play and look at the video clip.

In this project, I have taken part in editing the video. This video was done was produced in 2014.


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